What is ComFundMe?

What is ComFundMe?

ComFundMe is a safe platform where contributions and donations for various purposes are made and collected.

What benefit does ComFundMe offer?

ComFundMe provides a safe a transparent way to effectively raise money without having to worry about missing or unrecorded contribution.
ComFundMe also accepts foreign to help you receive international donations

How do I register a ComFundMe?

Log on to www.comfundme.com and click on the ‘create a free account’ button, fill in your details and then you will receive a confirmatory email. Click on the confirmatory email and congratulations, you have and active account!

How does ComFundMe work?

How to start a campaign?

First create a user account. Click on the ‘dashboard’ button
Select ‘My Campaigns’
Click on the green ‘+’ button
Fill out the details for the campaign
Save the campaign.

To share a campaign

Select the campaign you want to share (either from your list of campaigns or from the public campaign page)
Scroll down below the campaign picture
Click on any of the sharing buttons (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, mail or the copy share link button)

To start a group on ComFundMe

First create an account or login to an existing ComFundMe account.
Click on your ‘dashboard’ button
Scroll down and click on ‘my myGroups’
Click on the green ‘+’ button or the ‘create a new group’ button.

Fill out the group registration form and select save.


How do I contribute to a community/campaign?

log on to the platform (www.comfundme.com) click on the ‘fundraiser’ tab and scroll down to the desired campaign and click on it. After clicking on the desired campaign, scroll down and click on the big yellow ‘donate now’ button.
Fill in the donation form and click on the ‘donate now’ button You will then be redirected to the payment page where you fill in your card details and select ‘pay’

Who are the people that contribute to my campaign?

Friends, family, associates and people who have the link to your campaign donation page

Can I increase my set target at any time?

Yes, you can

What is the minimum/maximum amount I can contribute?

No Maximum

Is card payment the only option for donations?

No, an account number is also provided to enable make transfers

Safety and Security

How safe is ComFundMe?

ComFundMe is a safe and secure platform which has its security certificates and follows international monetary law policies.

Does ComFundMe have an Office?

Yes, ComFundMe has its corporate headquarters at No. 3 Isiyaku Ismaila Crescent, Wuye, Abuja

Are my card details safe?

Cards used within the ComFundMe platform are entirely safe.

How secure is my money?

ComFundMe is a secured and regulated platform by the NDIC and CBN

How do I contact the ComFundMe team?

You can click on the ‘contact us’ button. You can always chat with us using the chatbot on the platform, you can also send us a mail to info@ComFundMe.com and you can call us on +234 (0)811 086 6702

If I create an Adashe Group and someone hacks your server and carts away the funds. Who bears loss?

All donations on comfundme is secured by the NDIC (Nigerian Deposit Insurance Commission) up until the point of withdrawal

How safe are my card details when I put them on the application?

Cards used for payments within the application are entirely safe as card information is collected on secure payment gateways which are managed by our payment gateway partners such as NIBSS and flutterwave. Transactions on the platform is very secured as our application is well hardened to contain security threats.

How can I be sure of the safety of my funds when payment is made to the app?

Accounts for payments collected is separate from accounts used for disbursement. This will ensure that once the application registers that a payment has been made, fund disbursement can be initiated and completed instantly to all destinations or recipient’s account. We partner with Flutterwave and NIBSS to guarantee prompt and secure payments at all times.

How secure is the information stored within the application?

Firstly, the application is hosted on a very secure server which has a number of security protocols and layers already implement which is designed to protect the information residing on the application from unauthorised access. The application was also built with core secure coding practises which conforms to the established application security standards.

Can this application withstand security attacks?

The application has been thoroughly tested with various forms of attacks factored into the testing. The application is also subjected to continuous monitoring by the experienced members of our cyber security team. This is entirely to ensure that there is no information leakage while using the solution.


When do I withdraw my money?

You can request for withdrawal at anytime you desire.

Are there charges when I contribute to a community ?

ComFundMe does not charge donors for contribution. There is however a 1.4% payment processor charge. This charge does not go to ComFundMe.

What if I withdraw without meeting my set goal?

You pay no penalty fee for not meeting your set goal

How do I withdraw money from my campaign?

Log on to the ComFundMe platform and go to you dashboard. Click on ‘my campaigns’ button.
Select the campaign you want to make a withdrawal from.
Scroll down and click on the green ‘make withdrawal’ button.
Fill in the amount you want to withdraw in the withdrawal form and select ‘proceed’.
Withdrawals are usually processed in 48-72hrs.

What is the minimum/maximum amount I can withdraw?

The maximum amount you can withdraw is stated on the withdrawal form.

Can I choose any amount to withdraw from a campaign per time?

Yes but the amount must be below the current withdrawal limit stated on the withdrawal form.

How much does ComFundMe Charge for Campaigns?

To keep the platform working and facilitating the ease of transaction, ComFundMe charges a 3% platform charge on every withdrawal from the platform.


Do you have a Mobile App?

Yes, You can download our app from the various App stores for your devices

Do you have a referral Program?

No, comfundme does not have a referral program running

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